Established in 1988, Job-Hunter is one of the most reliable and a well-established employment agencies in Hong Kong. We have built up a substantial database of job seekers, which will maximize our ability to recruit staff on behalf of our clients.
Our services include all levels of employment on a permanent and temporary basis.
We develop long-term business relationships with our clients by providing the professional and honest advice. Our energetic and helful team aims to make the appropriate match between our clients' requirements and the candidates' career goals.
2019.03.14 Senior Accountant / Accountant (Retail) JH006339
2019.03.13 Fabric Purchaser JH006200
2019.03.13 Leasing Officer JH006196
2019.03.13 Project Coordinator / Trainee JH006338
2019.03.13 Registered Nurse JH006199
2019.03.13 Sales Coordinator JH006337
2019.03.12 Assistant Merchandiser – Sundries JH006305
2019.03.12 Sales Manager / Assistant Sales Manager (Fashion Watch) JH006316
2019.03.11 Assistant Manager – Facilities Management JH006301
2019.03.11 Assistant Merchandiser (Garment) JH006332
2019.03.11 Merchandiser – Seasonal Products / Sundries JH006335
2019.03.11 Sales Administrator JH006333
2019.03.11 Sales Operation Coordinator JH006334
2019.03.11 Secretary / Business Administrator JH006336
2019.03.10 Accounting Assistant JH006331